O MAR NO CAMIÑO. Workshops for the dissemination of Galician maritime culture in schools


Workshops for the dissemination of Galician maritime culture in educational centers Training and promotion During the 2019-2020 academic year, FUNDAMAR, with the support of the Xunta de Galicia through the O Teu Xacobeo program, developed the O Mar no Camiño project, works of diffusion of culture Galician mariñeira in educational centers. The activities were led by MIMADRIÑA, a social educator, recognized for her origami crafts, and were pedagogical, artistic, and inclusive; Its main objective was to familiarize the boys and girls of the localities of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago with the Galician maritime-fishing world to increase their knowledge and interest in the seafaring professions and the fishing sector, so important in Galicia. The materials used, as far as possible, the paper made by APAMP in its artisan workshop.

With the ten collective works of the schools, the website www.omarnocamino.org was elaborated, and a virtual exhibition was carried out, accompanied by other materials, such as the story, the didactic guides and a virtual game, which allow replicating the project and enjoy your characters.

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