Enhancement of Women´s Activities in Fishing

The RAPE Project, promoted by the City Hall in A Guarda, within the funds managed by the GAC-7 Ría de Vigo-A Guarda, and co-financed by the Consellería do Medio Rural e do Mar and the European Fisheries Fund, whose main objective is to contribute to the economic and social recognition of women who are a part of the fishing sector in an indirect way, through actions of visibility and awareness.

This general objective is materialised through the following specific objectives:

  • Promoting greater awareness by the general public about the situation of this group, giving women a more active role so that they can suggest measures and resources that they may consider suitable for their visibility and recognition.
  • Creating a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences to deal with the thematic in depth and to identify needs and demands of these women.
  • Visualizing the diversification strategies carried out by women to maintain a sustainable development of the sector, and encourage employment.
  • Encouraging social cohesion, inter-sectorial communication, social and economic integration of vulnerable groups, generating employment, strengthening social and economic links between subsectors.

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“As mulleres tiran do Mar”
Information gathering interviews and opinions of discussion group of the project participants.

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