In 2020, FUNDAMAR and the Fundación Clúster de Conservación de Productos de el Mar – FUNPROMAR presented, in an event with a capacity limit, the VI Conference on the role of women in the fishing and canning sector. SEREAS portal.

FUNDAMAR and FUNPROMAR held one more year the dissemination sessions on the role of women in the fishing and canning sector. The objective was to present the SEREAS Portal www.sereasdomar.org, the main tool for the dissemination of the brand created in 2017 by both entities, as an informative project at the service of making the role of women visible within the extractive and transforming sector of products of the mar, and the presentation of the two new “files” that are part of the portal and whose protagonists are the working women of the colla and classification of the Berbés, by FUNDAMAR, and the director of manufacturing of Friscos, Araceli Rodríguez, as living treasures of our intangible heritage.


In 2019, with the support of the Department of Equality of the City of Vigo, the V Informative Conference on the role of women in the fisheries and canning sector was carried out: History of the sector in Vigo in terms of gender, in which Women representing the fishing and canning sector participated, with the objective of laying the foundations of a Documentary Center on the history of fishing and conserving in gender, both keys in the development of the city of Vigo.

In addition, with the support of the Diputación de Pontevedra, the first two files on the protagonists of the sea-industry sector were prepared. FUNDAMAR made a file corresponding to the protagonists of the extractive sector and the FUNPROMAR Foundation made the card corresponding to the protagonists of the transformation sector; including audiovisual material of the interviews carried out.


The Foundation for Fisheries and Shellfish – FUNDAMAR- and the Foundation for the Conservation of Products of the Sea, launch the SEREAS brand, at the service of the dissemination and visibility of women in the mar-industry sector, with the aim of highlighting the strategic role of women in the extractive and transformative sector of seafood products, highlighting their contribution and recognizing their effort, being configured as an essential pillar within the fishing and canning community.

FUNDAMAR and the Sea Products Conservation Cluster Foundation, which together make up the majority of sea occupations, undertake this journey in 2017 celebrating the III informative Xornadas on or paper of muller no fishing and canning sector, with the collaboration of the Concellería of Igualdade – Concello de Vigo.

The proposed title for the year 2018 was: IV Informative Xornadas on o paper da muller no sector pesqueiro e conserveiro: Mulleres de cine, with the intention of making visible the prominence of the women of the sea in audiovisuals from their point of view.

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