From the hand of FUNDAMAR, born to the 1st Route of Industrial Tourism by the most fishing Vigo. Through “Vigo Pesquero” they will approach an industry, its products and the history and work of many people who, with so much effort and dedication, handed over seafarers for decades. A hard, difficult job, which extended the name of Vigo and its companies throughout the world.

The organization of these touristic-industrial routes, will have positive effects in several levels:

For our city:

  • It will be shown as an effective element to sustain action of TERRITORIAL MARKETING;
  • It will help the visibility of Vigo and, above all, its UNDERSTANDING, and it is
  • An element of COHESION for citizenship

For the companies involved:

  • It is a great marketing tool, the best IMAGE CAMPAIGN;
  • Assistance to knowledge and to establish RELATIONS, and about
  • Local products to the CONSUMER

As a tourist element:

  • It overlaps very effectively with TOURISM CONGRESSES
  • It helps the un-seasonality offer, and complements perfectly the MUSEUM PROPOSAL of the city.

All the information of the program can be consulted in:

T: +34 986433844

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