The Foundation for Fisheries and Shellfish – FUNDAMAR – based in Vigo , celebrates its fifth anniversary. Last November held a commemorative and informative day in which, in addition to presenting a balance of the activities carried out during these years, also tackled current issues with a marked technical character.

The seminar was held in the assembly hall of the Cooperative of Shipowners of the Port of Vigo (ARVI), where the Foundation has its headquarters in a morning and afternoon, Program the participation of qualified experts in matters directly related to the sea.

It was the intention of FUNDAMAR to participate in this celebration of its fifth anniversary, the regional, provincial and local political authorities, as well as labor and social relations with the world of the sea. For that reason we have the presence of the Mayor of Vigo, the President of the Diputación, two Consellerías -Conselleria do Mar and Consellería of Economy, Employment and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the President of the Vigo Port Authority , as well as other political, social and business authorities.

FUNDAMAR has now been born with a strong workforce for the past five years to create, Participate in projects or actions aimed at improving the social conditions and productivity of enterprises, workers and workers related or dependent on fishing and shelling.

This required the confluence, agreement and mutual interest of the current members, ARVI, UGT and CCOO. The three organizations together, without differences or disagreements, in full harmony, have worked for many years on many projects aimed at seafarers, addressing issues, with the collaboration of institutions, always with the sea as a backdrop. >

We must point out that FUNDAMAR is the first and remains the only foundation of its kind, not only in Spain but also in Europe, which joins unions and employers to work in tune with a common goal.

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