In 2018, FUNDAMAR put in place to "Strategy for the promotion of social economy in field of industrial fishing ", Network with the support of Eusumo, driven by General Secretary for Employment of the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry Xunta de Galicia for the promotion of cooperatives and the social economy.

O Observatory for the promotion of social economy initiatives in fisheries (or that / pes) born in April 2019 and aims to promote, encouragement and motivation of the initiatives, based on management models of the social economy, if enacted or lean, from the fishing sector.

O Observatory, as shared knowledge space that promotes the values ​​and principles of social economy, allow visibility best practices and success stories, Levada at national level.

structured simple way Observatory will offer clear information about what is social economy (values, principles and legislation applicable to their entities); access to shared resources (publications, articles, interviews and links of interest); and identify good practices and success stories in the fisheries sector through a search engine.